About Us

Our Purpose:

We strive to provide and promote resources to increase the visibility, acceptance, equality, well being, health and self respect of LGBTQ people in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and increase awareness in the community of the needs and contributions of LGBTQ people.

Our Mission:

• To build a better and stronger LGBT Qmunity

• Empower people to live healthy and successful lives

• Celebrate our diversity

• Advocate for equality, justice and social change

• Act as a resource for the LGBT Qmunity


Philadelphia has had a significant role in the progress of the LGBTQ civil rights movement since the 1965 protests on Independence Hall.

As a result over the past 60 years, Philadelphia has developed a vibrant and diverse LGBT community and fostered a strong network of resources organizations and support outreach.

As society has become more accepting of LGBTQ individuals and culture, and we find growing support in our nation, states, cities, and towns it becomes increasingly important and necessary to expand support and resources for our community.

It is now time for us to expand this network and connectivity of resources beyond Philadelphia to its surrounding counties and communities.