Leadership Team

The LGBT Qmunity Center Leadership


President – vacant


Frank Iacovoni – Vice President

            Frank Iacovoni a Montgomery County native grew up and currently resides in East Norriton with his husband of 13 years. Frank is an alumnus of both Montgomery County Community College and Temple University. While attending Montgomery County Community College he was involved with and for a time President of its gay straight alliance and later part of the executive board for Temple’s GSA. Frank has been an LGBT advocate for many years including having volunteered with HRC and various other LGBT events and organizations. Frank endeavors to bring visibility, acceptance, and resources to the LGBT community here in Montgomery County.


Mark Maczko – Co-Secretary(recording)

            Mark Maczko a native of Montgomery County was born in Norristown, grew up in King of Prussia, and currently resides in East Norriton with his husband of 13 years. Mark is an Alumni of Montgomery County Community College and Temple University with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and was involved with the gay straight alliance at both. Mark has long been an LGBT advocate active in helping to increase visibility of the LGBT community and continues to do so through time and dedication to the LGBT Qmunity Center.


Alexandra Ferris – Co-Secretary(corresponding)

            Alexandra Ferris has been a friend and ally of the LGBT community for years and is excited to help grow this wonderful organization. She is passionate about building and creating things. Professionally, she runs a financial education firm in Conshohocken that works with businesses and families and their money. She also enjoys creating three dimensional artwork: sculpture, glassblown pieces, and thrown ceramics. Recently she spent 4 years as Secretary for a nonprofit in Phoenixville, where she lives with her husband, Jeff.


Greg Paul – Treasurer

            Greg Paul was born in Arkansas and lived there much of his life, where his father taught him how to build homes. Upon graduation from high school Greg joined the Navy and spent several years on the naval base in Guam. When he returned to civilian life, one of his favorite experiences was running his own store where he openly welcomed the LGBT community in a small Arkansas town. Greg lives in East Norriton with his husband of 15 years. He is currently serving as Treasurer of the LGBT Qmunity Center. Greg looks forward to advocating for and building a stronger LGBT Qmunity in Montgomery County.


Earl McCarty – Parliamentarian

            Earl McCarty is a true Norristownian, he was born and raised in Norristown. Earl’s main goal in life is to better himself by bettering his community. From the age of 10 and on, Earl has spend over five thousand hours volunteering throughout his community, some of the places he places you could catch him as would be at his church’s soup kitchen or at the little league baseball fields in Norristown or just walking around his neighborhood picking up trash from the streets. Earl still to this day continues to volunteer when his work schedule permits him to, Earl also is not only a LGBT Rights Activist but also a Human Rights Activist.


David Sell

            David Sell is a retired chef recently moved to Collegeville, Montgomery County to spend more time with his daughter and granddaughter. David has for many years been passionate about, and been involved with the LGBT community as an activist as a performer and as a friend. David’s aims to bring his lighthearted and outgoing nature to the Qmunity Center in hope to help develop senior programming and let everyone know that there is always a place for you and always someone you can talk to at the Qmunity Center.


Leslie Iacovoni

            Leslie Iacovoni is a 34 year old, Montgomery County native. She is a full time cook and enjoys gardening in her spare time. A dedicated pet owner and former preschool teacher, Leslie tries to spend plenty of quality time with her nieces, nephews, and godchildren, and loves bringing the family together around the dinner table. She is always happy to help someone however she can, and is thrilled to be a part of the LGBT Qmunity Center.


Mike Lundt

            Mike Lundt was born in Massachusetts and was raised in New England and New York State before moving to Pennsylvania to attend college. He enjoys running, kayaking, and attempting obstacle courses with friends. Mike is employed in the pharmaceutical industry and currently lives in East Norriton with his husband of 15 years. By participating in the LGBT Qmunity Center, he hopes to help improve the resources for LGBTQ citizens and advocates in Montgomery County.


Art and Stevie Martin-Chester

            Stevie Martin and Arthur Chester met at Metropolitan Community Church of New Haven, Connecticut in 1992. January 1993 they moved in together and with a job change relocated to Norristown in June of that same year. They settled into an apartment, started planning their Holy Union, changed their last name to Martin-Chester and on May 14, 1994 The Reverend Troy Perry the founder of MCC Churches preformed their Holy Union on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On August 11, 2013 as part of the many couples that received marriage licenses from Montgomery County they were married. Art and Stevie have been active in Whosoever MCC in Philadelphia and Men of All Colors Together – Philadelphia since arriving in the area. They joined the Board of Directors of the LGBT Qmunity Center shortly after the inception of the group. As activists they often find themselves holding signs, marching and chanting for equality.


Jessica Celenza

            Jessica Celenza has over a decade of enthusiastic involvement in non-profit institutions; Jessica is passionate about bringing awareness to various Human and Animal Rights campaigns. She currently works as a certified Self-Esteem Coach, with a heavy focus on breaking through barriers and blocks. Jessica is passionate about motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals, and is thrilled to now bring that to the LGBT Qmunity Center of Montgomery County.